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Re: Packet Kiddies Invade NANOG (retry)

  • From: jqtaxpayer
  • Date: Tue Mar 16 04:30:09 2004

Sorry about the last post, my client's linewrap seems to not work properly,
 I'll try again.


I just thought I should chime in here.

Below you will find OseK's (Greg Taylor) manifesto sent to EFnet admins
during an event last 
year where OseK was attacking most EFnet servers.

Additionally, I can tell you that Greg was attacking my network at some
point in the last year, 
and readily admitted to it at the time.

J. Quincy Taxpayer

----- Forwarded message from Don Crossman <> -----



To whom it may concern,

I got by the nickname of OseK on the Eris Free Network, EFNet.  I am
sending this e-mail in 
response to certain claims and accusations being made by a few people
in an attempt to 
clear up the situation for those who are both confused and aggitated.

I will start off by giving you the reasons for my actions and what my
intentions are and why I 
am taking the actions that I am taking.  EFNet, throughout the existance
of the network, has 
seen its good days and its bad.  EFNet has had to deal with corrupt,
abusive, egotistical opers 
who work contrary to the best interests of this network, and use their
position of power to 
satisfy whatever ego they have.  Unfortunately, for this network it has
come to the point 
where the Network Administrators of certain servers have created an ironfist
autocracy so to 
speak, where they can do whatever they want and answer to nobody.   I
myself, have put up 
with this constant abuse for several years.  All of these years, every
time I'm /killed, I do 
nothing, every time I'm /klined I do nothing, but most recently, a channel
that I run that had 
no bots, only people, was taken over, mass /killed and set as a TROLL
channel on #chanfix 
over a matter that didn't involve us to begin with.

The person who committed this act was Darryl Williams, also known as
shi on EFNet.  Former 
torix admin and currently opered on NAC, Mindspring, Easynews, and Security
Support.  His 
abusive record extends much farther than even the most notorious criminals.
He has run 
banned hacks on TorIX, has committed countless acts of abuse against
users and then 
taunted those users into attempting to packet torix, which he thought,
 was invincible. After 
over 15 warnings to him to watch his actions, after constant emails to which 
were either pasted back to me and laughed at, or thrown into the trash
bin, and after 
attempting to talk to various opers on that server to complain, I decided
to take matters into 
my own hands.  Either Torix was going to remove his O: line or it would
be dropped 

Neither of which happened. I was approached by the admin of torix asking
why this was 
going on and I posted him legit and authentic logs (despite what shi
may try to say).  The 
TorIX admin decided because the logs showed too much incriminating evidence
against shi, 
that he would suspend shi's O: line for further review of his future
on that server.  shi 
meanwhile utilized a backdoor in the IRCD itself to re-add his O: line
and try to hide as a 
TCM bot.  That is the direct reason he was permanently removed from TorIX.
For adding 
himself back without permission from the other admins.

Now we will talk about Qeast and what their big deal is.  Qeast is WELL
KNOWN for being the 
home of abusive admins in .CA EFNet.  xyst and atomix have run server
hacks, and have 
committed various forms of abuse including channel take overs, packeting
of other .ca 
servers in order to reduce those servers max clients, and nickname juping.
 xyst also sees 
any potential future hub as a threat to qeast and utilizes his 2 of 4
votes to deny links to 
such servers.  I will bring up and which were
servers on efnet for 
many years, who even sponsored qeast's link to efnet, but xyst utilized
his 2 votes per server 
to deny them links.  For the record, xyst and shi are friends, they say
they aren't but they are.

IRCD/HUB IP addresses:  These IPs were obtained through several confidential
sources, some 
of which are operlist users, operwall viewers, and opers themselves.
 I will let you know that 
the HUB IP I had gotten for Qeast in the 192.77.73.* block which was
broadcasting multiple 
IPs on various ports.  I decided to drop the router which is what is
currently under attack.

Servers that will not be attacked: Servers that will NOT be attacked
are those that the admins 
of said servers and opers, have shown countless times that they are truly
here for the 
network and not for their ego.  Opers who work hard every day to provide
users with the 
most comfortable atmosphere to chat in.  Opers who follow their own policies
and will not 
allow abusive admins to push them around.  These servers include all
of .EU EFNet.,,,, irc.xo, and

Take Care,

----- End forwarded message -----

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