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RE: who offers cheap (personal) 1U colo?

  • From: Michel Py
  • Date: Sat Mar 13 14:49:52 2004

> Paul Vixie wrote:
> every time i tell somebody that they shouldn't bother
> trying to send e-mail from their dsl or cablemodem ip
> address due to the unlikelihood of a well staffed and
> well trained and empowered abuse desk defending the
> reputation of that address space, i also say "buy a
> 1U and put it someplace with a real abuse desk, and
> use your dsl or cablemodem to tunnel to that place."

<me puts the devil's advocate suit on>
$50 is a lot of money; I currently send email from my aDSL address
because a) my ISP's smarthost sucks  b) historically their SMTP hosts
have been blacklisted more than mine c) even if they did not suck (which
has improved a lot recently, actually) they still won't accept large
attachments or mailing-list traffic.
I pay $36/mo for my aDSL. $50 _more_ sounds a lot.
</me puts the devil's advocate suit on>

Besides, although this list is definitely the right place to find people
that would operate a personal SMTP relay in a colo just by the virtue
that it's the geeky thing to do, what does it change in the big scheme
of things? All these small business customers (20 persons) that I have
that use a sub-$100 "business" DSL and M$ Small Business Server +
Exchange are not going to go for it, because the cost then will suddenly
become $50 plus the 1U server plus my time plus maintaining it.


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