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Discussion Group: Web Based tool for tracking circuits

  • From: Marius Strom
  • Date: Mon Mar 08 23:18:36 2004

Hrm, sent several hours ago and still hasn't had nanog. Resending
in-case it got snarfed by hungry routers on the intarweb.

----- Forwarded message from Marius Strom <> -----

Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2004 16:36:14 -0600
From: Marius Strom <>
Subject: Discussion Group: Web Based tool for tracking circuits

Ok, I've created a "carrier-neutral" mailing list on yahoogroups to
house people who are interested in such a system.

Interested developers and such should subscribe to We can start discussions on what's out there, how
to integrate things, possibly create a sourceforge project, etc.

It seems everyone wants one, but no one's got one completed (other than
Excel spreadsheets).

On Mon, 08 Mar 2004, william(at) wrote:
> Several commercial ip allocation systems exist (cost thousands, I came 
> across couple of them but did not keep list). The closest opensource on 
> this is freeipdb (, but its not very feature-rich.
> The IRM project (which I've never heard about until I just demod it right 
> now), comes much closer to what maybe needed and it does seem like it can 
> be converted to serve ISP allocation needs somewhat easily and is quite 
> extensible for shared enviroments, but in any case, such project needs to 
> be done right, i.e.:
>  1. Creating mail list and first discussing and list of goals and features
>     we want in this system.
>  2. Looking at existing project to see which can feets best or parts of which 
>     of which projects can possible be combined together
>  2. Creating sourceforge (or other) project and assiging features to be 
>     implemented to developers. 
>  Etc.
> If others are interested lets get together to work on it. I'm willing to 
> help in possible support for rwhois server or automated swips to arin and 
> some other back-end support where I have some experience I'm guessing 
> that at least half a dozen people need to get involved and be willing to 
> spend some of their time (perhaps 10 hours/month) for this to come through
> and most need to be php web developers if IRM is to be used as origin. 
> If I receive favorable response privately about it and enough people are 
> willing to spend their time on it, I'll let you know about what the project
> development webpage would be (i.e. sourceforge most likely)
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