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External (not in the same domain) name server

  • From: Antti Louko
  • Date: Tue Mar 02 19:09:20 2004


I searched if this issue has been around previously, but neither
google or Nanog list search produced anything recent and
relevant. There has been some discussion on whois host entries etc,

The real issue, why this seems impossible with many registrars, is
explained in the end of this email.


(I use private IP addresses in this example, but in the real life they
would be normal routable IP addresses)

I have in my mind a setup where:

- There is one main domain, which is used for "master" name servers:	NS	NS	NS	NS	A	A	A	A

  ns1, ns2, ns3 and ns4 are well connected and quite permanently in
  their IP addresses.

- There are a number of cooperating organizations each having one
  dedicated name server (which can also handle other tasks, like
  act as an secondary SMTP server etc.)

- Organizations are (there may be tens or hundreds of them):

- Each has its domain registered like this:	NS	NS	NS	NS	NS

- Each zone name server offers records like
  this:	600	A
			; server at cxx-1's location	600	A
			; server at cxx-2's location	600	A
			; server at cxx-3's location	600	A
			; server at cxx-4's location	600	A
			; server at cxx-5's location	600	A
			; server at cxx-4's location	600	A
			; server at cxx-5's location	600	A
			; server at cxx-6's location	600	A
			; server at cxx-7's location	600	A
			; server at cxx-8's location


- {ns1,ns2,ns3,ns4} don't have to handle all NS requests to
  different domains.
- Each name server can monitor if each of its name
  servers is alive and change the A record to more suitable address
  when necessary.


- Needs careful configuration
- Requires more DNS requests than simpler setup:

  + To resolve eg. A (traditional setup): --> A.GTLD-SERVERS.NET NS A --> A

	is 2 transactions

  + New setup: --> A.GTLD-SERVERS.NET	NS --> A.GTLD-SERVERS.NET	NS	A --> A -->	A

	is 4 transactions and if we separate each
	zone in a different name server, we get 5 transaction.

The difference is that we can adjust with TTL values which parts of
the name resolution are short lived and which are long lived.

And now the problem with some registrars (or is it the same with all
of them):

Does only allow to use "registered hosts" as name servers in .com and
.net domains. If the name server host is in com or net domain and it
is not in the same domain, it needs to be a registered host which
basically means that it has to be (or have been) a NS of its SLD with
glue record (an A record). But for example, any .fi ending (Finland)
host name can be entered as a name server and it gets automatically
"registered" without an A record.

Same as but doesn't allow foreign (like .fi) host names as
name servers if they have too many dots in the host name.

I didn't dare to try Network Solutions because it was very slow last
time I tried the WWW interface.

To summarize:

I have read this <URL:>
and understand that point of view.

Am I trying accomplish something which is not really needed or would
such an approach be useful in some situations?

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