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RE: First Post! Annoying Debate at Work.

  • From: Andy Dills
  • Date: Mon Mar 01 14:21:06 2004

On Mon, 1 Mar 2004, Christopher Aldridge wrote:

> know", should really investigate this certification.
> >Some of the things you asked were extremely basic.
> What "things" were these?

How about the question about whether or not a usb ethernet adapter was an
ethernet converter?

You're the one who thinks Patrick is a nozzle for not searching
google...when your question, the sole purpose of your posting, can be
answered merely by searching google.

I'm sure when you look for the proper terms, such as "media converter",
you'll have a lot more luck.

Basically, in order for something to be an adapter, it _MUST_ be the
interface for a leaf node, such as an individual computer.

In order for something to be a converter, there is an implied many-to-many
relationship, not a one-to-many or one-to-one as with an adapter.

> The people who responded helpfully to my post, will receive any help and
> assistance in the future from me as a fellow nanog'er; without the
> POINTLESS sarcasm and flaming.

You mean, the pointless sarcasm and flaming in response to a pointless and
clueless post?

> > I would take it as a note to people with
> >certifications or going for certifications that a cert != clue.
> I agree here 100%. However you have also made it very clear that no_cert
> != clue.

Heh, yeah, check out the tiny clue on Patrick. I mean, you've been reading
for a whole year, surely you know who the people to respect are. How dare
Patrick be a pretender! ;)

> >(Did any of those certs have labs, or just multiple-guess tests?)
> Google is your friend.
> on_type_home.html

Oh, so you DO know about google. Then why are you littering and loitering
on this list?

> >P.S. I kinda expected as much from MS, but it's sad that a cisco cert
> >doesn't mean much any more. :(
> Notice mostly everyone who provided useful feedback on this agreed with
> my opinion on this. Common sense has nothing to do with certs. Having
> both isn't a bad trait however.

You're right, common sense has nothing to do with certs. Thank you for
providing a concrete example.


Andy Dills
Xecunet, Inc.

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