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  • From: Matthew Sullivan
  • Date: Tue Aug 26 19:48:11 2003

George William Herbert wrote:

Yes, this is due to a massive DDOS. At least three
of the spamfilter BLs have been so attacked this week.

Some of the networks represented here have not been
as timely about helping the BL providers with the
DDOSes as they could be. Please keep in mind that
without dynamic BLs anti-spam folks will fall back
to sending out static block maps, which getting your
IP space out of will be difficult if not impossible.


Please take what measures are necessary to help
ensure that your customers are not intentionally
or neglegently DDOSing the BLs.

Well said George,

I have been one of the recepients of the DDoS attacks. If people see non DNS UDP traffic or non Type 3 ICMP traffic aimed at it is likely DDoS traffic. Currently I still have at least one IP in that range Null Routed by upstreams.

SORBS may have to implement a subscription model soon to fund more hosts around the world if the DDoS's continue, I am desperately trying to avoid it, should it become nessessary it will be for the +50k queries/day users out there. The point is SORBS is funded soley by myself and through hosting dontations - I have 5 public secondaries donated currently, and I cannot afford, personally, any DDoS proofing other than that I have now. I know of at least 3 other DNSbls that are experiencing DDoS issues, and one DNSbl operator that is scared stiff of DDoS.



Note: If anyone wants to talk about SORBS, public secondaries, donations, policy etc... this is not the forum, please contact me off list.

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