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Re: Microsoft distributes free CDs in Japan to patch Windows

  • From: Andy Walden
  • Date: Mon Aug 25 18:13:31 2003

On Mon, 25 Aug 2003, Henry Linneweh wrote:

> Microsoft has a task scheduler that people should learn to use to remind
> them to check update to make sure their patches are current, it is
> located in the control panel and labled Scheduled Tasks and has an
> Add Scheduled Tasks icon to add update, FYI

As I read that, I wondered why it is that I haven't patched any of my
windows systems if it was just as simple as reminding myself to do so. It
occurred to me that I just simply don't trust Microsoft to properly patch
my systems. I keep all things Windows behind firewalls of different types
at all times. So far it has proved to be an effective solution.

I don't trust Microsoft to get the patch right, not arbitrarily delete my
data, or change my machine in some unexpected fashion that I will not
approve of. Granted, I, nor are most people on this list, the average Joe
PC user, but I can't imagine I'm alone.

There are deeper fundemental problems here. Software quality and security
has been thoroughly beat to death, but will not improve in the near
future. The trust issue that I just mentioned is another. These problems
and dependence on a single corporate closed source entity will get people
killed if they haven't already. These issues put our country at risk. I
was none to plussed to see the monitors as my wife delivered our first
were all windows based.

Windows in the finacial industry

Windows in the NAVY

Windows in healthcare

It all scares the hell out of me.

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