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Re: Edge 1 Networks/Williams Communications Group

  • From: Kai Schlichting
  • Date: Tue Aug 05 14:53:05 2003


On 8/4/2003 at 10:26 PM, "Jeff Kell" <> wrote:

> After several run-ins with Edge 1 Networks [] having their 
> machines "hijack" victim machines on our networks infected with Jeem, 
> and then making their spam runs, I've had it.  I have reported both to 
> Edge 1 and their parent Williams Communications Group [AS7911] with no 
> result and I will be blocking Edge 1 [in theory, AS29986, but no doubt 
> private spewage from WCG.NET).

[I omitted quoting the follow-up post where Nick Geyer and Chris
 'Rizler' Smith are being ratted out by fellow IP space hijackers at
 Web Design House (AS 26857):
 - hijacked by registering (which has
   the same POC e-mail addr as AS26857 until recently:,
   with interesting nameservers that have since moved out of that /24:
 - announced hijacked IT-SOUTHLTD.COM
 - provided transit for AS 27526 (,
   originating hijacked (IT-SOUTHLTD.COM) ]

The following (now posted daily) feature in Spam-L should make some
silent NANOG subscribers ask themselves a question: do I work for a
large criminal enterprise and could my own actions as an employee be
considered active participation with possible criminal culpability?

And for those OTHER NANOG subscribers that decided that joining the
unemployment line after the Internet bubble burst was not for them,
but legal work suiting their qualifications was nowhere to be found:
you should read up on some of the statutes of limitations for computer
fraud and abuse acts (federal and state) and reconsider your current
activities. Your acts are definitely not going unnoticed nor are they
being ignored.
There's a reason why Chris 'Rizler' Smith and 2 of his associates
fled^Wrelocated to Costa Rica, you know, but Mary Jo White sure as
hell didn't care that the last batch of people she had indicted had
relocated to small caribbean island nations to evade US justice:

ISPs, including and Cogent, are conspiring (that's what 'knowingly
providing assistance to the perpetrator of a criminal act' actually is) with
hard core computer criminals, and there's a handy list right here:


This is a forwarded message
From: Ronald F. Guilmette
Date: Monday, August 4, 2003, 4:06:47 PM
Subject: BLOCK,MISC: WHO'S SPAMMING YOU? Top 40 Proxy-Hijacker-Friendly ISPs 2003-08-04

===8<==============Original message text===============
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2003 13:06:47 -0700
Sender: Spam Prevention Discussion List <SPAM-L@PEACH.EASE.LSOFT.COM>
From: "Ronald F. Guilmette"
Subject: BLOCK,MISC: WHO'S SPAMMING YOU? Top 40 Proxy-Hijacker-Friendly ISPs 2003-08-04
Precedence: list

The following list is based on proxy honeypot network data collected
between 12 Noon 2003-08-03 and 12 noon 2003-08-04.

Commentary follows below...

 1. 38.112.197 - (Tampa, FL)
 2. 38.114.11 - (Frisco, TX)
 3. 66.135.15 (Baton Rouge, LA)
 4. 38.114.3 - (Frisco, TX)
 5. 63.246.136 aka (San Francisco, CA)
 6. 66.44.228 - (Tucson, AZ)
 7. 166.90.206 - ?Alan Ralsky? (Detroit area, MI)
 8. 66.118.187 (Tampa, FL)
 9. 63.246.135 aka (San Francisco, CA)
10. 66.250.125 - (Alpha, NJ)
11. 66.111.39 aka (San Francisco, CA)
12. 63.246.133 aka (San Francisco, CA)
13. 66.118.189 (Tampa, FL)
14. 64.5.51 (Dallas, TX)
15. 66.111.49 aka (San Francisco, CA)
16. 66.118.142 - (Tampa, FL)
17. 66.205.223 - (New Orleans, LA)
18. 66.44.231 - (Tucson, AZ)
19. 64.180.125 - "Trinity Prof-Soho" (Vancouver, BC, CA)
20. 206.47.187 - "Datatech Communications" (Windsor, ON, CA)
21. 66.17.157 - (Dallas, TX)
22. 38.118.143 - (Goleta, CA)
23. 66.118.180 (Tampa, FL)
24. 216.99.99 - (London, ON, CA)
25. 66.111.40 aka (San Francisco, CA)
26. 66.70.114 (Hoboken, NJ)
27. 66.111.33 aka (San Francisco, CA)
28. 209.50.253 (McLean, VA)
29. 219.109.197 (Tokyo, JP)
30. 66.205.219 (Redwood City, CA)
31. 63.246.131 aka (San Francisco, CA)
32. 61.220.193 (Taipei, TW)
33. 38.112.199 - (Tampa, FL)
34. 66.111.35 aka (San Francisco, CA)
35. 64.228.130 (Montreal, QB, CA)
36. 216.58.92 (Kanata, ON, CA)
37. 66.111.50 aka (San Francisco, CA)
38. 80.71.71 - (Haarlem, NL)
39. 216.8.169 (Windsor, ON, CA)
40. 195.14.58 (Moscow, RU)

Not very much new today.  All of the usual suspects are still in the top
ranks of the list.

I called Cogent to ask about  A guy named `Al' in the
abuse department said that daica is ``on probation'', whever the hell
that means.  I asked him if they could at least filter outbound connects
to common proxy ports, and he said ``Oh no... I couldn't do THAT!''

Level3's mystery spammer in the Detroit area is still in the Top 10,
banging the crap out 24/7 like always.  Oh well, at least we caught
one of their official spokesmodels in a bald faced lie... ``Ralsky
never sent any spam out via the connection we sell him.'' Yea.  Right.
What they should have said is that nobody was actually able to CATCH
him doing it until now., the Baton Rouge ISP that thinks that proxy hijacking is
OK has jumped into the #3 spot.  The Cajun spam gang must be getting
restless. is still doing proxy hijacking, big-time, from both its
66.205.223 and 66.205.219 blocks.  I just had ANOTHER long phone chat
with "Ketchersid, John" about this, and I gave him one last piece of
rope to definitely hang himself with.  He said that he was gonna filter
outbound traffic to proxy ports.  So if this crap from his network
continues, then I'll know that he's a complete liar.

Sagonet and its subsidiary, unitedcolo appear to be trying to disperse
their proxy hijackers throughout their address space, probably in the
vain hope that they will be able to fly beneath my radar, and get off
the Top 40 list.  But they are just making it more and more evident
what a bunch of slimebags they are.

The greedy jerk in charge of is still hanging on
to his paying customer, who are raping proxies like there's
no tomorrow.  So what else is new?

Bevelander/ is now connected via, and he is
cranking out the crap, via that connection, big time.

The big trend today, other that sagonet's dispersal of its criminal proxy
hijackers to all corners of its network, is the general increase in criminal
activity orginating from various locales within Canada, notably in the
vicinity of Toronto/Windsor.  This is most probably the proxy hijacker
that I got nuked off of Beanfield.Com a couple of weeks ago trying to
squirm his way back onto the net again.

IMPORTANT CORRECTION:  I had previously listed the proxy hijacking within
the 206.47.187/24 block as being the responsibility of "KRCMAR Surveyors
(Thornhill, ON, CA)".  That was totally incorrect.  This /24 block is
subdivided among many customers of, and KRCMAR Surveyors only
has the first set of 7 IPs in this block.  The real and correct culprits
for the proxy hijacking are listed above, i.e. "Datatech Communications"
(Windsor, ON, CA).  My apologies to KRCMAR Surveyors for the prior erroneous


P.S.  Not all of the companies on the list above have had a fair chance
to nuke off their proxy hijacking customers yet.  Some were only notified
this morning of the problem, i.e.:

19. 64.180.125 - "Trinity Prof-Soho" (Vancouver, BC, CA)
26. 66.70.114 (Hoboken, NJ)
28. 209.50.253 (McLean, VA)
29. 219.109.197 (Tokyo, JP)
32. 61.220.193 (Taipei, TW)
35. 64.228.130 (Montreal, QB, CA)
40. 195.14.58 (Moscow, RU)

===8<===========End of original message text===========

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