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companies like microsoft and telia...

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Thu Jun 26 02:06:55 2003

...are doing more to help spam than to stop it, in spite of themselves.

consider microsoft-yahoo-aol's big fad of the moment which is suing spammers
and blaming asia.  the number one (#1) contributor to spam is open proxies
running on windows/xp, several of which are installed by default as side
effects of other user activities.  spam can now come from tens of millions
of untraceable places, and since it's an open proxy rather than an open relay
there isn't even a Received: header trail.  WHAT a marketing department,
though, to be able to (successfully!) blame spam on asia.

but what have we here?  i would not have imagined that in 2003 any company
could be as blatantly irresponsible as to behave the way telia documents here:

	descr:        TELIANET-BLK
	remarks:      Abuse issues should be reported at
	remarks:      Mail to will be auto-replied
	remarks:      and referred to the URL above.
	origin:       AS3301
	mnt-by:       TELIANET-RR
	changed: 20010508
	source:       RIPE

excuse me, telia, but your customers are spamming me, and i have no plans to
teach lartomatic (my homebrew complaintbot) how to log into your web site.
it is the year 2003, and you bloody well need to learn how to accept complaints
about YOUR CUSTOMERS using a format that is most convenient to THE VICTIMS.
(and you should be THANKING US FOR IT since we are DOING YOUR WORK FOR YOU.)

grrrrrrrrrrrrr.  clearly i need to stop accepting e-mail from

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