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Re: Open relays and open proxies

  • From: Paul Wouters
  • Date: Thu Apr 24 18:43:43 2003


On Thu, 24 Apr 2003, Adi Linden wrote:

> I am seeing an increasing number of hosts on our network become an open 
> proxy. So far the response to this has been reactive, once I receive 
> complaints from spam victims I deal with the source of the problem.
I see an increased number of proxy's being abused too. Unfortunately, I am
seeing them feeding mail servers to forge spams in my name. Most of them
are in argentina and brasil, but I also see crap from chinanet, taiwan, norway
and even just around the corner here in the NL.

However, do not mistake these machines for the funny small DDoS'es that might
happen on your server. Those are likely generated by silly spammers taking it
out on people who actually care about the state of the net by sending out
forged spam with 100+ embedded IFRAME's to your website.

I've been under attack for over two weeks now. Details have been put up at
If anyone is the traget of similar abuse, please contact me offlist and I'll
try to combine the data to see if we can pinpoint this to some person or group.

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