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Re: - Please update your filters

  • From: Jack Bates
  • Date: Wed Feb 26 06:02:59 2003

From: "E.B. Dreger"

> Even after the NANOG thread months back?  Yuck.
Yes. This last weekend, the state network added a Bogon list to their
routers. Too bad the list they chose still had 69/8 in it. Not that I mind.
The complaint came from a customer who's multi-homed between us. I like it
when the competition makes foolish mistakes.

Outside of that instance, I get about 1 report every week or two of some
small business out there who's firewall was setup for them years ago, and
they had no clue what it was doing. I can forgive these guys, and it's
usually not too big of a problem. Then again, I'm glad I didn't get the
first blocks.

> I _still_ like the idea of putting DNS roots in new IP blocks
> during sunrise and having the final octet be .0 and/or .255.  It
> would be nice to catch dated bogon filters, lame attempts at
> smurf stopping, _and_ stale root.cache in one blow.

I would agree with this, except that it would kill most of the people I've
contacted. Most of the people who are still filtering aren't even aware of
it. If we broke them, they'd have hell trying to fix it. I get a lot of
"uhhhhh. bogon? huh?". Large networks don't have an excuse, but I pity the
small mom and pop shop that hardly even understand what a firewall is.

BrightNet Oklahoma

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