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Re: [Re: Cisco VoIP/dominatrix link explored]

  • From: Joshua Smith
  • Date: Wed Feb 12 18:57:10 2003

Bill Woodcock <> wrote:
>       On Wed, 12 Feb 2003, neal r wrote:
>     > Voice over IP is a stinking, fetid swamp, and I suggest if anyone
>     > feels compelled to waste money and feel pain while doing something
>     > with telephones and the internet...
> All I can say is, you must not be doing it right.  I know a lot of people,
> myself included, who are doing it on a large scale now, and it's
> relatively painless, particularly as compared with the PSTN.
> If an existence proof isn't sufficient for you, I'm not quite sure how to
> communicate with you.
>                         -Bill

not that bill needs my approval, but i agree completely.  the one thing
that i have run into with voip is hardware compatibility - each vendor
tells you one thing, and then an engineer who does it in the field tells
you something else (or perhaps this is unique to my experience).  despite
this, i have voip routes running around the world, and they do a decent
number of minutes - and to add my $0.02 to the thread from the past two
days, most of the traffic is over the public internet, with little (read
no) qos in place.  if i only have a single e1, i don't push more than an
e1 worth of traffic there (no fancy queuing, just simple engineering)

"Walk with me through the Universe,
 And along the way see how all of us are Connected.
 Feast the eyes of your Soul,
 On the Love that abounds.
 In all places at once, seemingly endless,
 Like your own existence."
     - Stephen Hawking -

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