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RE: Aggregate traffic management

  • From: Todd A. Blank
  • Date: Wed Jan 29 11:58:55 2003

We are a RouteScience customer.  We are using this box and it rules.  We
have been extremely happy with the results.  We have multiple OC-x
circuits that we are engineering traffic over, and this box gives us the
ability to "see" things that we could not see before.

It also really allows us to differentiate our upstream providers - or
tell that they are really all the same.  The reports it produces are
excellent.  We have even used it to negotiate better SLAs and pricing
with our bandwidth providers.

Feel free to email me off-list if you want more information.


Todd A. Blank
IPOutlet LLC

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From: Kyle C. Bacon [] 
Sent: Tuesday, January 28, 2003 5:43 PM
To: Stanislav Rost
Subject: Re: Aggregate traffic management

Take a look at a product called "Path Control" by RouteScience.

I have seen their product in action and it is very slick.  Does exactly
what you want,
plus a whole lot more and does it transparently (so if it fails you
SOL) via
manipulating BGP tables and nexthop based on a multitude of criteria.




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          >            Subject:     Aggregate traffic
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                    04:59 PM



Dear NANOGers,

I have a very hands-on question:
Suppose I am a network operator for a decent-sized ISP, and I decide
that I want to "divide" aggregate traffic flowing through a router
toward some destination, in order to then send some of it through one
route and the remainder through another route.  Thus, I desire to
enforce some traffic engineering decision.

How would I be able to accomplish this "division"?  What technologies
(even if vendor-specific) would I use?

I can think of some methods like prefix-matching classification and
ECMP, but I am still not sure exactly how the latter works in practice
(at the router level) and how one may set them up to achieve such

Thank you for your expertise and lore,

Stanislav Rost <>
Laboratory for Computer Science, MIT

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