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Re: Level3 routing issues?

  • From: Alex Rubenstein
  • Date: Sat Jan 25 13:39:45 2003

On Sat, 25 Jan 2003, Stephen J. Wilcox wrote:

> > How about Linus? Wanna call him up?
> Not sure you can claim something you have for free is liable or with guarantee

In today's legal climate, I bet you can :)

> > I am no windows cheerleader, but to think this is something that happens
> > only in windows-land is whack -- might as well put your head in the sand.
> True altho it does appear to affect MS more so than it ought to even considering
> their market lead.

There has to be a correlation made with a) of all computers connected to
internet, a vast majority are MS, and b) if people target MS more, they
will show vulns more. Simple statistics, here.

> > Simple philosophy: Everything sucks at all times and all places. Routers,
> > switches, hosts, OS's. We, as operators, have to do our best to deal.
> I expect my purchases to live up to their sales description

Did someone warrant to you, that MS SQL server is unhackable? Almost every
software license I've seen in my life as talked about 'mechantability',
and 'liability.;

> > It's arguable you are as liable as anyone else, since this particular
> > exploit is 'old news' and a patch has been available for it for some time.
> I'm not hit, its my customers!

'you' refers to the ding who dind't secure his servers.

> Yes, thats bad.. people should be more clueful than they are, I blame folks
> being cheap, having staff who are clueless, low quality equipment, this is the
> market we're in.

Third point to the correlation above: The vast majority of Windows admins
are dingbat-morons, self-proclaimed experts. Had then not been
dingbat-morons, and applied the readily available and widely announced
patches (as zealously as unix folks patch thier stuff), this'd be all
moot, and we'd all have gotten a better nights sleep.

-- Alex Rubenstein, AR97, K2AHR,, latency, Al Reuben --
--    Net Access Corporation, 800-NET-ME-36,   --

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