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Re: OT: FW: Re: Is there a line of defense against Distributed Reflective attacks?

  • From: Chris Parker
  • Date: Wed Jan 22 14:17:45 2003

At 10:58 AM 1/22/2003 -0800, Al Rowland wrote:
1. I also remember when web page standards required you to design
everything to fit in a 640x400 screen. DTV/HDTV will significantly
change your 'not much in the way of image quality loss' yardstick. My
viewing habits have changed significantly in the year plus I've been
DTV/HDTV. Among other things, I go to the movies a lot less. DVD quality
(which is lower than HDTV) is better than most movie theaters and
there's no gum/spilled drink (most of the time) on my floor.
Agreed, however the source video that I've seen demoed is from DVD.  Side
by side comparison shows slight degradation, but solo viewing is more
than adequate.  This also isn't targetted to people at the end of the
bell curve for technology adopters and purists, rather at the fat middle
section that isn't upgrading to ( or doesn't care about ) HDTV yet and
for whom current "digital video" quality is "just fine".

2. I already have it. It's called broadcast. $100 (could have been less
but I always over design) antenna and $20 of coax. No monthly fee. I do
pay for the DirecTV feed, but that's a separate flame war.
Last I checked "premium" channels came via Cable or Satellite.  :)  If
you have separate DSL line and DirecTV then you are doubling up on
delivery costs.  Would the average consumer like to "add" video to their
DSL connection?  The cable company cuts you a deal if you have video
and data on the same line.  Wouldn't the telco's like to compete in that

Of course, you could just as easily be right.
Who knows?  :)  Reality will probably end up somewhere in the middle.


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