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Re: uunet

  • From: Scott Granados
  • Date: Sun Jan 19 17:06:33 2003

Well just to make this more on topic and operationsl:).

It seems to me that for best operation of all networks some means should
exist for carriers to talk to each other.  Perhaps nanog is it not sure
but if mfn has an issue with wireworks than mfn should have a place to

Like wise if I have a problem be it security or routing with mfn or
verizon or whom ever I should be able to call some where or make some sort
of request.  The nocs at times can handle this but others the published
nocs are meant to handle consumer type calls "My winders is broken" and
don't understand the nature of a more complex request "your bogan filter
isn't updated.".

Just for anyone counting, uunet has not corrected the issue or contacted
me yet or my upstream whom I've open the ticket with or their peer.

Not sure if I should expect only 9 to 5 responses from them though, could

On Sun, 19 Jan 2003, Dave Howe wrote:

> > "Your not my customer I really don't care"  *click*
> > Nice. professional too.
> I had a similar experience with them - even though we *are* a UUNet
> customer, we weren't the customer with the problem (in this case, a email
> address which was a subdomain of the company's main address was being
> rejected by the UUNet mailservers; a simple misconfiguration during a
> security lockdown).
> after I got a supervisor (phone firewall wasn't even willing to take down
> details and didn't know what a MX record was), conversation went something
> like:
> Me: Hi. I am post admin for $mydomain and I am having trouble sending mail
> to emailaddress@subdomain.contractorsdomain via server $uunetinboundmail. it
> is being rejected with error <descriptive text that basically says "this
> isnt a relay">
> Them: you shouldn't be using $inboundmail, you should be using
> $mydomain_designated_smartmailhost
> Me: I tried that already - it doesnt' matter if it comes from my mail host
> or your smarthost, it is still being rejected by $uunetinboundmail
> Them: if it is being rejected, then it is for a good reason. perhaps it is
> the wrong server for subdomain.contractorsdomain?
> Me: that's where the MX record points - and addresses @contractorsdomain are
> being accepted by that server just fine
> Them: then the MX record must be wrong - why not contact the DNS provider
> Me: I am - that is you too. this is one of your customers I am trying to
> send email to
> there then followed a short conversation that amounted to that - given that
> $mydomain was working fine, they would *not* look at the problem for
> $contractorsdomain unless $contractor contacted them about it.  I found
> postmaster@contractorsdomain worked fine, so managed to get *that* guy to
> get uunet to fix the problem (and it was literally a thirty second fix).
> The standard policy for uunet seems to be that following "the system" is
> more important than actually fixing problems, and problems don't even
> *exist* unless the customer with the problem notices...... which I find
> astonishing. someone *must* have the authority to enter new trouble tickets
> if they notice that a router is spitting sparks without having to get the
> customer on the far end of that wire to report it for them....

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