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Re: Is there a line of defense against Distributed Reflective attacks?

  • From: Richard Irving
  • Date: Fri Jan 17 11:31:05 2003

Vadim Antonov wrote:

Caution this won't program a router:

>The police can then put down the rabid computer,
> > permanently.
> Good in theory... in practice police has more important things to do. Like
> catching pot smokers.

  Not -=too=- much problem soon, thanks to the USA "Patriot" act.

 In conjunction with the new Mother^^^^^^HomeLand Security design,
The DEA will be considered part of the HomeLand Security team.

 This means they will have access to all the "extra-constitutional" 
monitoring/invasion of privacy activity that we deploy 
against citizens^^^^^^^^^terrorists for "National Defense",
in such "Patriotic" programs as "CoinTelPro".

I.E.: Tap your phone, monitor your email/internet activity, 
"sneak and peak" into your house, access you financial transactions, 
(bank and credit card), access your doctor's files, question your lawyer, 
arrest you without "Miranda", incarcerate you indefinitely without a phone call, 
or a trial, and finally and best of all, the brand new "Torture a confession" 
information gathering methods... (See: Chavez v Martinez )

....all without a -=warrant=-.

(I hear "probable cause" has actually been -stretched- to include
"politically active people". It seems such people -change- the laws, 
and government, hence are a matter of "National Security". So, therefore,
being a Democrat now qualifies you for "CoinTelPro", just like Nixon originally 
decided in "Watergate".)

 After all, Homeland security will be sharing it's data with every
member of the Division, as part of it's charter, and the Intelligence
Agencies will be used to gather it, (-=against=- theirs).

  It's a matter of "National Security", you know.

 Gotta Keep you safe from those Pot Smokers, after all!

 Why, We can't have "Saddam Bin Laden" hiding out 
in North Korea with "Nuclear Plague" devices, 
and doing "doobs" with an American Citizen.. plotting our
Mass Destruction,

 Now can we ?!


PPS: Don't worry "Citizen", the Executive Branch funded Churches will
have plenty of -=other=- things for you to do, that are wholesome,
and healthy.....

 Like egg tossing, and gunny sack races, in the "Name of Jesus".

- The Church Lady


> --vadim

"Only Criminals don't want to be monitored" - Nazi Youth Slogan.

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