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Re: More federal management of key components of the Internet needed

  • From: JC Dill
  • Date: Sat Oct 26 13:42:37 2002

On 05:16 AM 10/24/02, Etaoin Shrdlu wrote:
>Alan Hannan wrote:
>> > I don't understand how giving the US federal government management control
>> > of key components of the Internet will make it more secure.
>> It worked for airline security.
>Sure, searching Ray Charles makes me feel much safer. Asking me whether any
>one helped me packed my bags or handed me a package always shows whether or
>not I should be trusted to get on the plane. Stopping a little boy from
>taking on a toy with a 1 inch long gun makes me feel safer too. These are
>the same people who can't be trusted to make sure that your luggage flies
>the same flight you do. Puh-leeze.
>There is not one single thing that goes on in airport "security" that
>contributes one whit to actual security.

Amazingly enough, Admiral James M. Loy - the new COO of the Transportation Security Administration, shows strong signs of having a clue WRT security, see:


In an opinion piece by Joseph Perkins (San Diego Union-Tribune columnist, the article ran in the SF Chronicle on 10/21 but I can't find it online anywhere), it lists a bunch of the present stupid rules, and then goes on to say:

So those dictates and others like them, included on Loys' not-so-
facetiously named "Stupid Rule List," have been thrown out. The
litmus test in each case, he explained, is whether a rule substantively
contributes to security or primarily to longer airport lines.

There are several online references to this list, see:


ObNetwork Operations: Does this mean I can once again carry a cable crimper tool with me in my carry on luggage (one was confiscated at SFO a few months ago, the cable cutting blades were deemed a "potential weapon")?


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