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RE: IPv4 country of origin

  • From: dgold
  • Date: Thu Oct 03 12:05:32 2002

I believe Akamai offers an IP address to location database for sale. I'm
unsure of the accuracy, but Akamai folks claim it to be quite high. YMMV.

- Daniel Golding

On Thu, 3 Oct 2002, Barry Raveendran Greene wrote:

> > Is there a more accurate method to determine the country of origin for an
> > IP than the methods I've described above?
> Physical geography and DNS do not match. Some of the most popular web sites
> in Indian under the .in domain are physically in the US and owned by US
> companies. Having a web site under the .in domain is a means to reach a
> market.
> Physical geography and IP addresses do not match. Once the RIR allocates to
> the LIR, the LIR can sub-allocate anywhere. So a LIR (ISP) in Singapore with
> a regional business could allocate their address block to customers in
> Singapore, Hong Kong, China, India, and any other place where they offer
> services.
> DNS LOC Recorded might be helpful. But, as noted in one CAIDA paper ...
> "Both the whois-based and hostname-based mapping rely on the assumption that
> educated guesses are required in the absence of explicit location
> information. While RFC 1876 [RFC1876] did define a DNS extension to provide
> a LOC resource record type that allows administrators to associate latitude
> and longitude information with entries, it turns out to be sub-optimally
> useful. First, the RFC specifies only the format and interpretation of the
> new field, without establishing where or at what
> granularity to use it. Because of this, finding the appropriate LOC resource
> record may require multiple DNS queries. More importantly, people just do
> not use it. NetGeo currently does not use DNS LOC queries by default because
> their low success rate does not justify the expense
> of the three or more DNS lookups typically needed to rule out the existence
> of a valid DNS LOC record."
> --->
> c
> There are tools that CAIDA has worked on like NetGeo (now something sold by
> Ixia) Might be something to
> check out along with all the other Internet mapping projects.

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