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Re: selective more time

  • From: Bradley Dunn
  • Date: Mon Sep 30 19:13:06 2002

On Mon, 30 Sep 2002, Leo Bicknell wrote:

> In general what this means is rather than having a couple of standard
> route-map's/route-policies that get configured once and applied to
> all peers you end up with a per-peer specific configuration.  It
> would seem to me that the opportunity for mistakes is grealy
> increased.  Even if we assume all the people using it really need
> it, is it worth risking the performance of 500 or 1000 customers
> for the 5-10 who actually use the features?

Are you talking about the customer or the provider?

A provider with a well thought-out community policy shouldn't need per-customer 
route-maps. The customer sends the provider the appropriate communities and the 
standard customer route-map takes the appropriate actions. That's one of the 
major benefits of communities, match on the community not the customer.

I see your point about questioning the cost-benefit; however any provider of 
reasonable size needs a community policy anyway, so most of the cost is 
unavoidable. If done right it only needs to be incurred once.

A customer, on the other hand, will of course need separate policy per transit 
to take advantage of provider-specific TE communities. For the typical 
multi-homed customer with a few upstreams this is hardly unmanageable.


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