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Re: Eugene Call for Presentations

  • From: Susan Harris
  • Date: Tue Sep 17 09:26:01 2002

Thanks Henk! We'll be back in touch in later in September, once all the
NANOG26 submissions have been received and reviewed.

Susan Harris, Ph.D.     
Merit Network/Univ. of Mich.

On Mon, 16 Sep 2002, Henk Uijterwaal (RIPE-NCC) wrote:

> Hi Susan,
> > Hi - just a reminder that abstracts are due this Monday, Sept. 16.
> I'd like to propose the following presentation:
> New services from the RIPE NCC
> ------------------------------
> During the last 5 years, the RIPE NCC has been working on 2 new services
> for the entire ISP community: TTM or Test Traffic Measurements, and the
> RIS or Routing Information Service.   These projects were presented at the
> Spring 1999 NANOG meeting but a large number of new features have been
> added during the last 3 years.
> TTM: The TTM now consists of a network of +/- 70 machines, measuring
>      delay and loss between sites all over the world.  Since 1999, 2 new
>      measurements have been added:
>      - IP Delay Variations a.k.a. Jitter
>      - Bandwidth measurements, providing an estimate of both the
>        total available bandwidth between sites as well as the
>        unused bandwidth.
>      We also would like to take this opportunity to present the new
>      CDMA based version of the measurement device.  CDMA is a 3rd
>      generation mobile telephony standard that, as a side effect,
>      produces a timing signal.  This timing signal can be used to measure
>      the performance of both IPv4 and IPv6 networks down to the 10
>      microsecond level, anywhere when one can use a mobile phone without
>      the need for an expensive and hard to install GPS system.
> RIS: The RIS is now collecting BGP information from 9 sites world-wide,
>      with collectors in North American, Europe and Asia, with some 200
>      ISP's participating by providing a BGP feed. New applications (since
>      the project was presented at the Spring 1999 NANOG) of the data
>      include:
>      - Daily lists of hot-spots with the most active prefixes
>      - Analysis of flaps in the routing table.
>      - Detection of AS's and prefixes announced by ISP's but not properly
>        registered in the whois data-base and/or not assigned to them.
>      - Multi homing effects.
> This talk gives a short overview of the various services and how they can
> be used in daily ISP operations, using the shutdown of a major European
> backbone provider that recently went bankrupt as an example.
> Henk
> ps. While I hope that more people will start using these services after
> this talk, this is definitely not a sales talk.
> Comment: I can do this talk in either one of 2 ways (or both): a short
> plenary presentation (20 mins or so), showing the highlights and URL's,
> inviting people to try these at home, or a longer version (2 hours or so)
> showing people the details.  The latter would be more suitable for a
> tutorial or BOF.  Just let me know what you prefer.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Henk Uijterwaal                    Email:
> RIPE Network Coordination Centre     WWW:
> Singel 258                         Phone: +31.20.5354414
> 1016 AB Amsterdam                    Fax: +31.20.5354445
> The Netherlands                   Mobile: +31.6.55861746
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> That problem that we weren't having yesterday, is it better? (Big ISP NOC)
> NOTE: My email address (and a hole in our mailing list software) is being
>       abused by a spammer.  We are working on fixing this hole and tracking
>       the spammer down.  If you receive mail from "" that is
>       obviously spam, please send me a copy of the mail including ALL headers.
>       I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.

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