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Re: FW: Suspension of posting rights for Jim Fleming

  • From: Vadim Antonov
  • Date: Fri Sep 13 15:44:14 2002

On Fri, 13 Sep 2002, Joe Baptista wrote:

> Does not change the fact no one has yet challenged him on the technical
> issues he's raised. 

This is just because there weren't any.  Discussing anything with Jim is
like trying to explain to an inventor of perpetuum mobile who never
bothered to learn any physics why his latest and greatest design will not

I have looked at his proposals (I do not claim to be able to understand 
all of it - it is all so charmingly vague) and saw no hints of anything 
which could be helpful in solving the real problems (i.e. routing 
stability, need for faster convergence, traffic engineering, 
efficient congestion control in presence of short flows, etc, etc).

Claiming that extending the number of bits in an address will solve all
Internet ills is quite foolish.  In fact, it'll only make them worse by 
making prefix aggregation less efficient (and routing tables bigger).

To be fair, in my opinion, IPv6 also suffers from the same
short-sightedness; although many things in it are quite nice I think it
does not do enough to justify blowing up the only chance to introduce
major changes to IP.  I'd say any changes should be deferred until there's
a real advance in the global routing technology;  not just more of the


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