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Re: FW: Suspension of posting rights for Jim Fleming

  • From: Joe Baptista
  • Date: Fri Sep 13 11:38:00 2002

thanks for the techi response - its appreciated and the first i've

Fleming can't post here but he is monitoring so maybe he can respond in
private to us.

Joe Baptista

Planet Communications & Computing Facility
a division of The dot.GOD Registry, Limited

On Fri, 13 Sep 2002 wrote:

> On Fri, 13 Sep 2002 09:46:46 EDT, Joe Baptista said:
> > Does not change the fact no one has yet challenged him on the technical
> > issues he's raised.  They just complain about his posting habits etc. etc.
> OK. Want a technical issue?  He's not allowed to redefine the 8-bit TOS
> field as 2 4-bit address extensions, since he doesn't give a spec of how
> an intermediate router is supposed to know which way to interpret the TOS
> field, nor does he suggest an API change or DNS interface changes (for all
> his babbling about using AAAA records, those are defined to carry IPv6
> addresses, he'll have to find some other way to carry his IPv8 addresses).
> Oh wait.. that's two technical issues, and they've been pointed out to Jim
> before, multiple times, and Jim's never bothered fixing his proposal to
> deal with them.
> The part about his posting habits is the fact that he insists on re-hashing
> the SAME ideas even after he's been told multiple times exactly why his
> ideas won't work (see the above paragraph).  It's especially annoying when
> he insists on dragging his ideas into totally unrelated threads.
> > I expect Jim will be thrown out of many more conferences before the year
> > is done.
> Drunks are thrown out of bars all the time too.  I'm not sure that you
> really want to make this point.
> > Now if you'd like to challenge him on the technical issues - why don't we
> > take this private with Jim?  I'll watch and ask questions.
> We'll be more than happy to do so once Jim shows the slightest sign of
> interest in fixing his proposal to deal with the technical arguments that
> have *already* been made.  Most engineers have learned there is little to
> be gained in fine-tuning the valve timing on a gasoline-powered internal
> combustion engine when the pistons and crankshaft are missing...
> Give it a rest, Joe.

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