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Re: FW: Suspension of posting rights for Jim Fleming

  • From: Valdis.Kletnieks
  • Date: Fri Sep 13 11:19:52 2002

On Fri, 13 Sep 2002 09:46:46 EDT, Joe Baptista said:

> Does not change the fact no one has yet challenged him on the technical
> issues he's raised.  They just complain about his posting habits etc. etc.

OK. Want a technical issue?  He's not allowed to redefine the 8-bit TOS
field as 2 4-bit address extensions, since he doesn't give a spec of how
an intermediate router is supposed to know which way to interpret the TOS
field, nor does he suggest an API change or DNS interface changes (for all
his babbling about using AAAA records, those are defined to carry IPv6
addresses, he'll have to find some other way to carry his IPv8 addresses).
Oh wait.. that's two technical issues, and they've been pointed out to Jim
before, multiple times, and Jim's never bothered fixing his proposal to
deal with them.

The part about his posting habits is the fact that he insists on re-hashing
the SAME ideas even after he's been told multiple times exactly why his
ideas won't work (see the above paragraph).  It's especially annoying when
he insists on dragging his ideas into totally unrelated threads.

> I expect Jim will be thrown out of many more conferences before the year
> is done.

Drunks are thrown out of bars all the time too.  I'm not sure that you
really want to make this point.

> Now if you'd like to challenge him on the technical issues - why don't we
> take this private with Jim?  I'll watch and ask questions.

We'll be more than happy to do so once Jim shows the slightest sign of
interest in fixing his proposal to deal with the technical arguments that
have *already* been made.  Most engineers have learned there is little to
be gained in fine-tuning the valve timing on a gasoline-powered internal
combustion engine when the pistons and crankshaft are missing...

Give it a rest, Joe.

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