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IRR listing of IANA-reserved, a question..

  • From: John M. Brown
  • Date: Tue Sep 03 21:37:52 2002

First, standard disclaimers..
1.  This is a technical email. 
2.  I'm not speaking for any organization, other than ME.

In the last 72 hours I've seen over 3GB of data hit a network
I play with with source IP's of IANA-RESERVED space.

Various people have reported seeing IANA-RSERVED get announced
via BGP at different parts of the net.

Various people maintain lists of IANA-RESERVED space and other
such "special use or reserved" prefixes.

These lists are used by others to generate filters, ACL's and the like.

When IANA allocates a new prefix to a RIR, these lists have to be
updated manually.  Sometime after the space has been put into service
and someone complains.

Give the above, would it make sense for:

A) The IANA to maintain a IRR/RADB type database that would allow
   for the auto generation of filters and ACL's based *purely* on
   RESERVED IANA space.  No other prefixs would be listed.


B) For one or more of the RIR's (APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC, RIPE, etc) to
   maintain such a database, again only IANA-RSERVED space.


C)  One of the existing well known IRR/RADB's to maintain the db ?

If such a database was available, would YOU use it ?

Would it help your network operations?

Would it be of a possitive or negative nature to your network?

Lets try to stay away from the obvious potential flames and other
religous statements.

Thank you.

John Brown
Speaking a single person

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