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looking for benchmarks for campus and metropolitan networks

  • From: Miles Fidelman
  • Date: Fri Aug 30 20:36:20 2002

Hi Folks,

I do an increasing amount of work with municipal electric utilities and
local governments that are building community-wide MANS.  The technology
of choice is starting to be gigabit ethernet.

I'm trying to pull together some benchmarks, or at least rules of thumb,
for capacity planning - and I figure that large campus networks are a good
place to start.

So... to those of you who manage large campus or corporate networks, and
particularly those of you running gigE as a campus backbone, do you have
any rules of thumb regarding:

- average/peak bandwidth per desktop
- average/peak bandwidth per workgroup-level switch
- how much bandwidth to provision between your campus network and your
backbone POP(s)
- etc.

And... can you suggest any reference sources (books, web sites, email
lists, etc.) that focus on design issues for very large campus networks?

Thanks very much,

Miles Fidelman

The Center for Civic Networking 	    PO Box 600618
Miles R. Fidelman, President &		    Newtonville, MA 02460-0006
Director, Municipal Telecommunications
Strategies Program			    617-558-3698 fax: 617-630-8946

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