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RE: Broadening the IPv6 discussion

  • From: Jeroen Massar
  • Date: Fri Aug 30 16:15:45 2002

Iljitsch van Beijnum [] wrote:

> On Fri, 30 Aug 2002, Jeroen Massar wrote:
> > > > Maybe the p2p vendors should implement IPv6, it might also
> > > > take a while until RIAA finds them again :-)
> > > Then I hope they'll implement RFC 3041, otherwise the RIAA
> > > will go on a massive MAC address hunt...
> > Hmm a MAC... and then (sweet, dude) ?
> > I still don't get it why that would be a problem, simply because:
> > - one can change your IP by hand and/or automagically (RFC 
> 3041 like you
> > mentioned)
> > - MAC's can be changed (ifconfig hwaddr... )
> Yes, but rebooting each time you change the MAC address for 
> your windows box gets somewhat tiresome after a while...

With NT/2k/XP one can simply disable/enable netcards so that wouldn't be
a problem.

> > And then still.. they know that 'something/one' from a 
> certain /48 did
> > 'something'.
> Ok, first of all: it was a joke. I guess I should have included a :-)
Smileys always help.

> Second: that the record industry might think it's a good idea 
> has little
> bearing on it being actually a good idea. I have no trouble 
> believing they
> would subpoena ethernet card sales records from stores to find out MAC
> addresses to go after people who trade MP3s if they thought 
> there was a 1%
> chance it would do their cause any good. And it might, since 
> most PC users
> don't know what a MAC address is, let alone how to change it.
> > So what, if you pay at a store with your VISA or AMEX or simply your
> > bankcard.
> > That company holds at least your accountnumber, let's crossreference
> > that.
> Never heard of cash?
Internet shopping, most of my day-to-day food-supplies, big acquisitions
happen using plastic; cash is that annoying stuff that fills my pants
gets spended too quickly when I pulled it out of the ATM.

> (BTW your post wout be easier to read if the lines were < 80 chars.)
Oops ;)

> > Same thing (IMHO ;) as the IP address thing, it pops up at several
> > places and they
> > can do many statistical stuff with it for behaviour research, buy
> > etc.
> Yes. I use a static address that is easily correlated with lots of
> real-life info about me, and I'm not always happy about that.
Not always indeed, but I personally don't mind most of the time though.

Also you are probably familiar with the dutch law for personal
information registration
in which at least dutch companies/organisations have to register
if they keep information about persons.
Email-lists/access-logs/crossrefs could
quite possibly fall under this law, so every company retaining these
would be in violation of a law ;)

> > ipv6 [-p] gpu UseAnonymousAddresses [yes|no|always|Counter]
> > that's how you turn that stupid feature off, it is annoying IMHO and
> > quite useless as
> Why is it stupid, annoying and useless?
Stupid comes from the annoying&useless parts (again IMHO :).
Annoying because one needs to update his/her reverse every x seconds
And I like to have a static IP with a corresponding reverse which
identifies me as me.
If somebody wants to track me or whatever google around, mailinglist
archives etc
tell more than my IP and I don't see anybody (okay there are bound to be
complaining about google mirroring+indexing their sites (hail robots.txt


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