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Re: 60 Hudson peering

  • From: Ralph Doncaster
  • Date: Tue Aug 27 18:28:28 2002

$750/mth is once you get to MetCom.  For the cx on the 19th to their FDP
is another $300/mth.  Now you're at $1050/mth.  For $1K/mth I can get 100M
from the 19th floor to 25 Broadway, + $100/mth for the cat5 cx.  So if I
were going to spend a grand a month to connect to an exchange point, it
would be NYIIX and not MetroIX.

Ralph Doncaster

On Tue, 27 Aug 2002, Jeffrey Meltzer wrote:

> $750 is not unreasonable for 2 strand dark fiber in 60 Hudson.  And if you
> work hard, you can get this down to $500.  Check 111 8th Ave, it costs well
> into the $3,000/mo range generally.
> In addition, we're already working on (in progress) cat5 xcon's between TelX and
> suite 1505 in 60 Hudson.  However, how much do you think that would cost?
> Not all that much less, figure in the $300/mo range.
> Furthermore, anyone peering inside of TelX is probably doing it privately
> and because of the cost of xcon's there, probably would keep doing it
> privately.
> BTW, if anyone is interested in speaking about MetroIX, contact myself or
> Avi off-list.  It's been moving along slowly as people re-evaluate peering
> arrangements, companies that we talk to disappear, etc ;)  People like to
> see things done instantly in this market, but that's not always the best way
> to get things done right...
> Jeff
> On Tue, Aug 27, 2002 at 12:38:43PM -0400, Ralph Doncaster wrote:
> > 
> > I have a POP in 60 Hudson, 19th floor.  The only peering exchange I'm
> > aware of in the building is Stealth's IPV6 exchange in Tel-X (23rd
> > floor).  If there's any interest in IPV4 peering from any networks with a
> > presence on the 19th, I'd be willing to provide free 100baseTx ports on a
> > peering switch in 1904.
> > 
> > I'm aware of MetroIX, but that's on the 15th floor and its unreasonably
> > expensive to get fiber cross-connects between floors in 60 Hudson, and
> > cat5 cross-connects aren't even available between the 19th and 15th
> > floors.
> > 
> > Ralph Doncaster
> > principal,
> > 

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