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RE: Eat this RIAA (or, the war has begun?) - Why not all ISPs?

  • From: Daniel Golding
  • Date: Thu Aug 22 14:54:10 2002


Since the recording industry isn't a protected class, we can always choose
not to do business with them. However, I would expect that someone will do
business witht them, in the end, Money talks.

- Daniel Golding

> Rob Healey Said....
> > The RIAA, itself, doesn't use the net for
> > revenew, or, really, much of anything.  What few uses they do have
> > could easily be served through disposable dialup accounts.  It
> > is the RIAA member companies, such as Sony (one of the biggest
> > offenders), Arista, Geffen, etc. which are getting their revenue
> > through the net.  Unfortunately, no provider can defend turning
> > off Sony as a rational business decision.  Your customers wouldn't
> > tolerate it or stand behind you on it.  (If anyone wants to prove
> > me wrong, I would very much enjoy being wrong on this).
> >
> 	Generic question related to this:
> 	Can ISP's arbitrarily refuse to give service to someone who tries
> 	to sign up? i.e. if everyone refused to give Sony service could they
> 	sue on some sort of discrimination/collusion charge?
> 	Do ISP/ASP/*SP's HAVE to provide services if someone knocks on the
> 	door requesting them or can they refuse for any reason what so ever?
> 	Any armchair lawyers, who play one on TV, have the/an answer?
> 	-Rob

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