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Re: Eat this RIAA (or, the war has begun?) - Why not all ISPs?

  • From: Owen DeLong
  • Date: Thu Aug 22 12:43:10 2002

As much as I like the idea of blacklisting the RIAA (and think it's
probably a good thing to do on principle), I don't believe that it
will actually help.  The RIAA, itself, doesn't use the net for
revenew, or, really, much of anything.  What few uses they do have
could easily be served through disposable dialup accounts.  It
is the RIAA member companies, such as Sony (one of the biggest
offenders), Arista, Geffen, etc. which are getting their revenue
through the net.  Unfortunately, no provider can defend turning
off Sony as a rational business decision.  Your customers wouldn't
tolerate it or stand behind you on it.  (If anyone wants to prove
me wrong, I would very much enjoy being wrong on this).

As such, I support a blockade of RIAA addresses on the net.  However,
if it is done as a group effort (BGP feed, etc.), be very careful and
have lawyers review the process to avoid getting charged with
collusion, etc.  Remember, the RIAA has _LOTS_ of lawyers, and if
you cut their net access, they'll also have _LOTS_ of time to chase
you.  This is probably a good thing, if you're willing to take that
risk.  I'd much rather see them wasting their time on this than the
things they have been doing.

On the other hand, if they are allowed to go far enough, eventually,
there will be a great backlash against them, and they may lose more
ground than we are currently trying to prevent them from gaining.

In any case, it will be interesting to watch.


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