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Re: your mail

  • From: Richard A Steenbergen
  • Date: Tue Aug 20 15:25:05 2002

On Tue, Aug 20, 2002 at 02:07:49PM -0400, Nathan Stratton wrote:
> On Tue, 20 Aug 2002, Ali Jackson wrote:
> > Does any one else out there think smart hands at Equinix is a rip off? I
> > can send a package over night to the IBX for less than what it costs to
> > move it from the mailroom to my cage.  Just curious....
> Uh, yes. Equinix is a rip off in general. I got kicked out of Chicago
> using the side door. I was sick of the stupid man trap crap and noticed
> they had a door that was propped open in the back that leads outside. It
> was much easier to back the truck up there and go in and out. The whole
> thing is a joke, they spent a lot of cash to look good, but there is very
> little substance.

Did you try just asking if you could pull up to the loading dock?

I can only speak to SJC and IAD, but since Equinix in Chicago is in the
ghetto (how many blocks is it from the projects? :P) you would think it
would have decent physical security.

Yes if you get creative enough you can start talking about fake IDs and
drugging someone and taking molds of their hands, but compared to the joke
of most colo security it covers the areas where you could reasonably
expect to see attacks. Personally I'm more concerned about quick and
hassle free access than having to deal with a guard following me around
the entire time.

But I'm sure none of this matters to you, because you probably couldn't
fight your urge to test the security, then got upset when they booted you
for it, am I right? As for being a "rip off", I suggest you price other
carrier neutral colo and then come back with that.

And no I don't have any vested interest in Equinix, I've even had my own
bad experiences with their security (which were delt with promptly). But
they're still reasonable to deal with, offer an all around excellent
service, and they've done a much better job on security and other fronts
than other colos.

As for the original poster, remote hands service is expensive, and smart
hands is usually for "smart" services. If all you want is "hands" either
drag your...self down to the colo and start lifting, or hire your own
$10/hr rack and stack monkeys.

At any rate, this has no place on nanog.

Richard A Steenbergen <>
PGP Key ID: 0x138EA177  (67 29 D7 BC E8 18 3E DA  B2 46 B3 D8 14 36 FE B6)

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