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Re: Secure Cabinets

  • From: Robert E. Seastrom
  • Date: Mon Aug 19 17:44:34 2002

Andrew Dorsett <> writes:

> Hey everyone, I know this is slightly off topic but I'm hoping that someone 
> from Verisign or the like will respond.  I am looking for a VERY secure 
> computer cabinet to replace an open rack I have now.  I'm looking for almost 
> vault like qualities.  Is anyone willing to make recommendations on a vendor?

Mosler (now a division of Diebold) makes (or at least used to make) a
Class 5 GSA security container that will likely fit your needs.  It's
a variant of the map-and-plan safe which you can see at with the addition of a baffled blower
and vent, conduit passthrough, 19" rackmount rails, and (optionally) a
back door.  They're known in the vernacular as a "crypto safe", which
should give you an idea as to their usual application.  Call the
government sales folks; don't expect the commercial sales folks to
know what it is you're talking about.

Now, a class 5 security container isn't a vault, but it's far and away
better than just about anything you can get from MTP, Chatsworth, and
friends.  (Federal Specification AA-F-358 calls for entry protection
of 10 man-minutes forced entry, 20 man-hours surreptitious entry, and
30 man-minutes covert entry, with specified man-portable tools)

Last time I talked to Mosler about buying some (this was pre-buyout,
hence the hedge in the first paragraph about whether they still make
them), I got a quote in the $3300 - $3500 range IIRC.  This would have
been with a Mosler MR(K)302 mechanical combination lock.  If I'm not
mistaken, in the government arena mechanical combination locks are
deprecated, and that the current lock of choice is the Mas-Hamilton
X-08 (which is a pretty righteous device in its own right; see  Unfortunately, one of these
may push the price up to the $3900-$4000 range -- still a fine price
if you ask me...

Hope this helps,


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