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Re: Microslosh vision of the future

  • From: David Schwartz
  • Date: Sun Aug 11 22:42:43 2002

On Sun, 11 Aug 2002 18:43:17 -0700 (PDT), Vadim Antonov wrote:

>Microsoft already duped the software consumers into buying into fully
>proprietary software.

	I don't think duped is really a fair description. They simply provide a 
large number of users with what they want. There isn't currently an 

>Given the prevalent time horizon of average IT
>manager's thinking I fully expect Microsoft to get that stuff deployed
>before the poor saps start realizing they're being ripped.  After that
>Microsoft will leverage their market power to exclude any competition.  
>Exactly like they did it before on numerous occasions.

	That's what everyone said about IBM, way back when. The reality is that you 
can't hold the market unless you continue to provide people with what they 

>Their PR budget is bigger than GDP of some nations.  They're ruthless and
>show remarkable lack of respect to the notions of fairness or common good.  
>Be afraid.

	If they didn't show a lack of respect for the notion of the common good, 
they should be sued. Their responsibility is to their shareholders. It's not 
their job to protect your interests, it's yours.

	Obviously, Microsoft is going to have a vision of the future that involves 
Microsoft everything and their going to use all the resources at their 
disposal to make that vision come to pass. You should expect nothing less of 

	If your vision of the future of computing differs from theirs (and I'm sure 
it does, I know mine does!) then you work to promote your vision.

	Short of correcting any false factual assertions made in this thread, I'm 
done with it. It has no operational content as far as I can tell. If you 
think Microsoft can make IP go away and replace it with something more 
secure, you're crazy. (Not that this would be a bad thing, I just wouldn't 
want MS to design the replacement!)


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