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RE: my sig

  • From: Al Rowland
  • Date: Wed Aug 07 17:02:18 2002

>From RFC 1855, Netiquette Guidelines:

In order to
      ensure that people know who you are, be sure to include a line
      or two at the end of your message with contact information.  You
      can create this file ahead of time and add it to the end of your
      messages.  (Some mailers do this automatically.)  In Internet
      parlance, this is known as a ".sig" or "signature" file.  Your
      .sig file takes the place of your business card.  (And you can
      have more than one to apply in different circumstances.)

There's nothing here about content restrictions but it does say "a line
or two." I believe the original objection in this thread was to the two
line E-mail with a 10 line sig file. Not exactly "conservative in what
you send ..."

Bu then again with the poliferation of "enhanced E-mail clients" and net
citizens sending 65K three-paragraphs-of-text E-mails with 50K animated
GIF sigs and 10Kbackgrounds in HTML (done Yahoo! Mail lately?), maybe
this is an antiquainted concept. :( Remember only about 5% of that fiber
in the ground is lit. We need to figure out a way to fill the other 45%
(figuring interesting things start happening above 50% utilization).

Just my 2.

Best regards,
Alan Rowland

-----Original Message-----
From: [] On Behalf Of
brett watson
Sent: Wednesday, August 07, 2002 1:09 PM
Subject: Re: my sig

--On Wednesday, August 07, 2002 03:48:27 PM -0400 William Warren 
<> wrote:
> the sig is removed....I am saddened that my sig was/is considered 
> obnoxious and self-indulging.  I appreciate the explanations.

wow, you took heat for that .sig?  *that* is obnoxious and
(and yes i meant to reply to this silly list).  i should go re-read the 
nanog charter (or the internet charter i guess) and see where it says
can't have a .sig that talks about God (or the Bible, or whatever).


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