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Re: Bellsouth DSL in Chattanooga - Whose Lines?

  • From: mike harrison
  • Date: Sat Jun 29 22:51:02 2002

> Does Bellsouth use its own infrastructure for consumer/business ADSL
> (specifically in Chattanooga, TN), or does it rely on someone else's lines
> to get from the local central office to the nearest peering exchange? I've
> seen outfits like Covad use Exodus/C&W, but I'm imagining a RBOC like
> BellSouth prefers to use its own infrastructure.
> What is the closest peering point that would be used in Chattanooga,
> anyhow?

It' not an official peering point, but you might be surprised
what's in Chattanooga. There is a LOT of voice and data 
cross-connects here,  because all this fiber on rail-road right of ways
ends up where the railroads are.. Chattanooga. 

As far DSL, BellSouth is about all that's left, Covad and everyone else
has pulled. We do a little BellSouth DSL Resale, but not much. 

We have rather interesting facilities with fiber from KMC, 
EPB Telecom, and soon the Chattanooga MetroNet. We also 
have private fiber into several of the upstreams in the 
neighborhood (WorldCom/UUnet primarily) and are next door
to Sprint, TCI DeltaCom, Excel, Williams, Qwest.. 

BellSouth is a little difficult to work with locally and they only have
copper into our facility but they are the only physical provider of xDSL
copper pairs in town. 

meuon@.. is a 'trashable' e-mail address, my business info is:  423-267-8867, 423-266-6536  cell: 423-314-4220
If I can help any, yell. We do colo and weird stuff, even for
our competitors. :)

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