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Re: Sprint peering policy

  • From: ren
  • Date: Sat Jun 29 09:39:07 2002

Perhaps broadband in the UK is different than in the US, but I can tell you peering around the legacy networks has made a huge difference at the network I peerlead for. Customers are getting smart and have come to discover 'Tier 1' is an empty status. Networks evolve and traffic sources/destinations shift. Hunt for the growing traffic, not just a network brand that may be in need of a facelift.

Steve, I hope you/Opal Telecom are looking into the Adlex tools. Play with the traffic tracker and find out who is in your top 10, top 20, etc. circles at different times of the day/week. Chase the band between 20&30 and see what a difference you can make in terms of performance for your network. It is amazing how quickly you can discover that some networks are out there under multiple ASNs (legal and other reasons prevail) and when peered with that 'entity' you can punt a former top 10 down a band.

Adlex, while expensive, can help prove your theory is inaccurate. Adlex has paid for itself in just a matter of months from my perspective <G>

At 10:37 AM 6/29/2002 +0100, Stephen J. Wilcox wrote:

"Peering around" only works if the networks the broadband provider wants to
reach are buying from another network that they can get peering with, as most
tier1's have similar i'll call it 'fascist' peering regimes they will not be
able to peer around.

They will of course be able to get peering with smaller providers but these are
individually small gains..


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