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Re: Sprint peering policy

  • From: Mike Leber
  • Date: Fri Jun 28 19:59:38 2002

On 28 Jun 2002, Vijay Gill wrote:
> "Daniel Golding" <> writes:
> > One is, Sprint won't peer with you. I'm not even sure who you work for, but
> > rest assured, they will not peer with you. Time spent on this might be
> > better utilized reading some of Bill Norton's excellent intro to peering
> Dan, if you are a peer of sprint and I use the word peer as in:
> 1 : one that is of equal standing with another : EQUAL; especially :
> one belonging to the same societal group especially based on age,
> grade, or status
> then I am sure things can happen.

Yeah, right.  This is complete nonsense.

Sprint's peers aren't equal to Sprint or each other when considered by
revenue, profitability, number of customers, or geographical coverage.

If you mean equal as in within an order a magnitude of 10 larger or
smaller, then you cover most of their peers.

> Keeping the above definition of peering in mind, and not the current
> accepted definition of what "peering" means, things suddenly become
> crystal clear.

This is ridiculous elitism.

You don't need to pretend that all of Sprint's peers are "equal" in order
to make sense of their peering policy, just accept the fact that each
company has policies that they believe to be in their best interests and
omit the pretense of justifying this by the movement of heavenly bodies in
the spheres.

While you are at it look up the definition of equal.


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