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Re: How do I log on while in flight?

  • From: Keith Woodworth
  • Date: Thu Jun 27 17:37:39 2002

On Thu, 27 Jun 2002, Joe Abley wrote:

|->I couldn't find the energy to go swimming in the Canadian Air 
|->Regulations, but I did find this in the AIP Canada:
|->> COM 5.14 Pilot Cellular Phone Use During a Radio Communications Failure
|->> In the event of an in-flight radio communications failure, and only 
|->> after normal communications failure procedures have been followed (see 
|->> RAC, the pilot-in-command may attempt to contact the 
|->> appropriate NAV CANADA ATS unit by means of a cellular phone. Before 
|->> the pilot begins using a cellular phone to contact ATS in the event of 
|->> an in-flight communications failure, transponder-equipped aircraft 
|->> should squawk Code 7600 (see RAC 1.10.7).
|->This at least suggests that there's no CRTC restriction on using 
|->cellular telephones from altitude (or that any such CRTC restrictions 
|->can be overriden by Transport Canada).

A slight addition to this (maybe OT) thread but my wife was being
medivac'd on a small jet to a larger medical facility a few years ago, one
of the medical fellows on board used his cell phone a couple of times on
board while in flight. I asked him about that and he said it was no
problem and he said there was no restriction as far as he knew.  As long
as there was service he could use the phone. It was a big clunky Motorola
brick phone.

But the plane/medivac is part of the provincial ambulance service so
rules might be different in this case, compared to commercial aviation.



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