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Re: How important is IM? was RE: How important is the PSTN

  • From: Scott Weeks
  • Date: Wed Jun 26 22:46:25 2002

On Wed, 26 Jun 2002, Stephen Sprunk wrote:

: Thus spake "Scott Weeks" <>
: > Your proprietary information is on someone else's server and it's up to
: > them not to 'use' it.
: There are IM products which a company can set up internally for exactly this
: reason.  For public IM servers, you're not obligated to give "proprietary
: information" other than your email address.
: > PSTN doesn't keep your info on a server or backed up somewhere.
: I'm quite sure the telco has records of who I am and where I live, and they
: "use" that information on a regular basis to bill me.  They also sell the
: information to others and a variety of other things they're allowed to do by
: law.  Yahoo and AOL are benign by comparison.

But Frank was speaking of AIM, etc.  Not an internal server...

: prove it, which you neglected to post?  IRC and AIM have been
: scrutinized pretty heavily and I can't think of any inherent flaws

And Christopher was talking about network operations info on IM...

: So my question for the group is, do chat programs (IM, IRC, yahoo) serve
: a substantial network support purpose or are they more of a

The propritary information I was talking about is the conversation itself.
Details of your network, the problems you're having with it, config
snippets sent back and forth, etc...  The phone company doesn't keep your
conversations on a server.  Lastly, I'm not pro telco by any stretch of
the imagination (ask anyone who's been in the NOC with me during an
outage. :)  and I don't like those assanine (sp?) things they do with our
info at all.


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