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Re: How important is IM? was RE: How important is the PSTN

  • From: Pawlukiewicz Jane
  • Date: Wed Jun 26 08:44:31 2002

Hi Christopher,

"Christopher J. Wolff" wrote:
> Jane,
> This brings up a good point about IM.  IMHO, IM is a security risk and I am
> establishing a company standard where users behind the firewall are
> prohibited from using IM, IRC, and peer-to-peer file sharing programs.  My
> opinion is that these types of programs contribute more to lack of
> productivity than to real problem solving.

I think the road you've chosen is a tough one. A great many people have
contributed to this who are far more experienced than I. I believe we
won't see IM going away. Everyone uses it, and like all humans, make it
forbidden and the people in your company will view it as all the more
desirable. There are a great many management tapes and videos and books
out there, and they basically say the same thing. Trust your people to
do their job and don't worry if they play games or talk on IM. Measure
them by the metrics you've given them. And don't sweat the small stuff.
(Easy to say, I know.)

My teenager can play a computer game, chat with his friends through IM
and talk on the phone, all while he's writing his science report. And
the reports not all that bad because I proof everything he turns in
(except the French). As long as his grades are in the A-B range, I
restrict nothing. well, almost nothing. But if his grades drop . . . the
ax comes down.

If the issue is viruses, there are a great many ways to screen viruses
even through IM. I trust our staff to be sure they are all implemented. 

My two cents, for what its worth. I've tried micro managing and it never
never (I'm restraining myself from saying never 20 times) works. 

> So my question for the group is, do chat programs (IM, IRC, yahoo) serve a
> substantial network support purpose or are they more of a distraction,
> allowing staff to communicate with friends, relatives, drifters, interlopers
> on company time?

I think people do this anyway, we used to chat around the coffee pot. I
think its funny when office mates are chatting away on IM. People cannot
produce 24/7 or even 8/5. They have to take a break every hour or so.
Human nature. We have a game room here at work . . .  People are going
to play, so create the environment where they can.

Opps, got my own deadline slipping now!

Hope you can resolve this soon.


> Regards,
> Christopher J. Wolff, VP CIO
> Broadband Laboratories
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> From: []On Behalf Of
> Pawlukiewicz Jane
> Sent: Tuesday, June 25, 2002 12:06 PM
> To:
> Subject: How important is the PSTN
> Hi all,
> Thanks so much for all the great answers. (Could everyone please stop
> telling me that im = instant messaging). I knew I should've never gotten
> out of bed this morning.
> Anyway, 75% of the respondents said the phone is critical. 25% said some
> form of IM is critical.
> Just in case anyone was curious.
> Is it me or is it very quiet in here today?
> Jane
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