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  • From: up
  • Date: Thu Jun 20 19:36:51 2002

When you're dealing with what some people refer to as "tier 1 providers"
(I'll just say really big networks), this can be counter-productive.  From
what I've seen the following providers have been notoriously unresponsive
to spam complaints (apologies if any of this is dated):

UUnet (Worldcom)
Just about every network in the Far-East
 "" """ """ "" in Latin America

I'm sure I'm forgetting some...point is, if you cut them off, there ain't
much Internet left, ergo, you're no longer an ISP...

On Thu, 20 Jun 2002, Steven J. Sobol wrote:

> On Thu, 20 Jun 2002, Clayton Fiske wrote:
> > > I agree with that, *if* initial notifications to the ISP are ignored. 
> > > Escalations are then in order, definitely.
> > 
> > I fail to see how blacklisting neighboring subnets (not associated with
> > the organization in question) instead of just the offending one is "in
> > order".
> Let me clarify, then.
> If the offending ISP does not respond, and you have exhausted all avenues
> available to you to get the ISP to get its customer to stop spamming - 
> whether by TOS'ing the customer, education or whatever - then escalation 
> may work if the collateral damage caused by escalation is enough to get 
> the spammers' neighbors to complain to the ISP.
> This principle is based on the fact that an ISP is more likely to listen 
> to its paying customers than to outsiders.
> And I don't think this is a potential solution only for spam; it is 
> appropriate (IMESHO) in other abusive situations too.
> I don't advocate doing it unless you have tried all other reasonable 
> methods to get in touch with the ISP and ask them to disconnect or 
> otherwise educate their customer.
> -- 
> Steve Sobol, CTO LLC, Mentor On The Lake, OH  888.480.4NET
> - I do my best work with one of my cockatiels sitting on each shoulder -
> 6/4/02:A USA TODAY poll found that 80% of Catholics advocated a zero-tolerance 
> stance towards abusive priests. The fact that 20% didn't, scares me...

James Smallacombe		      PlantageNet, Inc. CEO and Janitor	

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