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  • From: Steven J. Sobol
  • Date: Thu Jun 20 14:56:32 2002

On Thu, 20 Jun 2002, Gerardo A. Gregory wrote:

> I think this is just plain lazzines...there is no other way to view it.

So if you have a problem with someone dumping crap onto your network and
you've done everything you can to get the provider to stop the offender, 
and they won't, what would you do then? Ignore it?

> Along the lines of SPEWS is
> this idiot, because there is no other way to describe him, has blocked
> SPRINTLINK netblocks in huge chunks, and then raves on like a lunatic on how
> he justifies his actions (I wonder if it because he realizes what a lazy,
> good for nothing "administrator" he is, since he seems so emotional in
> letting you know that he is a "professional" administrator)

Yeah. I know the guy who runs spambag. He is very aggressive about 
blocking. He also doesn't advertise that his block list is usable for 
anyone besides himself. So what's your point?

Sprint has cleaned up a lot. They used to be absolutely horrible WRT 
hosting spammers and abusers, which I'm sure is why spambag lists all of

I wouldn't use any list that lists an entire backbone, myself. But guess 
what... it's his server and he is allowed to protect it in whichever way 
he deems appropriate.
> He doesnt realize that he only hurts himself....we where going to one of his
> sites for a mail server solution, as soon as I read all his ravings I just
> cruised somewhere hell with him and his lazy administration skills.

Your choice.

> I still believe the guy blocked sprintlink because he cant really
> subnet...he has no concept of math, that and lazzines.

Nah, he's a decent programmer; I've used some of his stuff before. And a 
*ton* of spam used to come from Sprint. Like I said... they've made good 
efforts to clean up recently... but...

The fact remains that there are a number of people who run very aggressive
block lists (much more so than SPEWS). I can think of spambag and at least
one or two others. ( comes to mind.) None of these people
advertise that anyone else should use their lists. They're personal lists.
Read the homepage and it states very clearly that it's a
personal list. SPEWS is a completely different animal, as I don't believe
it was ever meant to be a personal list; it was meant to be used by

Steve Sobol, CTO LLC, Mentor On The Lake, OH  888.480.4NET
- I do my best work with one of my cockatiels sitting on each shoulder -
6/4/02:A USA TODAY poll found that 80% of Catholics advocated a zero-tolerance 
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