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Re: What's wrong with provisioning tools?

  • From: Jake Khuon
  • Date: Thu Jun 13 14:11:44 2002
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### On Wed, 12 Jun 2002 18:37:07 -0400 (EDT), jeffrey arnold
### <> casually decided to expound upon <>
### the following thoughts about "Re: What's wrong with provisioning
### tools?":

ja> On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Stephen Griffin wrote:
ja> :: I would be really surprised if anything other than mom-and-pop shops
ja> :: didn't have _at least_ this.
ja> ::
ja> :: rtrmon or rancid can do great config archiving and provide difference
ja> :: output.
ja> I don't think the issue is detecting change as much as it is associating
ja> change to specific goals/tickets, etc.. If an ACL changes on a router,
ja> rancid will pick it up, but right now there is no automated way to tell
ja> whether that was as a result of a customer request or a security breach.

I've had quite a bit of experience with config management tools and have
written some myself many years ago as did probably others due to the at the
time lack of such things.  However, many vendors are providing thrid-party
solutions.  The one I've seen that seems most suited to an ISP environment
is GoldWire although to be honest, I have not really looked in-depth into
such products for almost a year now so there might be others.

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