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Re:Survey: Peering Staffing Levels

  • From: Dean S Moran
  • Date: Thu Jun 13 12:46:11 2002


Contact Peter Jansen, ( He is *clearly* "The Man" when
it comes to peering, and I'm certain that he'd be more than glad to answer
all of your questions.

Original Message
From: "Dwight Ernest"<>
Subject: Survey: Peering Staffing Levels
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 15:11:13 -0400

>Please forgive the non-operational content.
>I'm interested in getting some idea of the level of staffing provided by 
>NSPs and ISPs in their peering departments. In fact, I've been asked by 
>my management to provide as much info about such levels as possible, 
>without a need to disclose the identity of any responding company.
>If you have time, and wish to participate, I'd sure appreciate it. I 
>will provide a summary of the responses to respondents. No identifying 
>information need be provided. Get a disposable email account at Hotmail 
>or Yahoo if you'd like to be really anonymous. Any question may be 
>skipped if you wish. I appreciate your assistance!
>1. Do your peering staff members do peering negotiations and planning 
>only, or do they also do peering-related hands-on router engineering?
>     ___ planning and negotiation only
>     ___ planning, negotiation, and hands-on router stuff
>     ___ something other than these two choices:
>         ______________________________________________________________
>2. What is the size of your peering staff?
>     ___ full-time staff members
>     ___ part-time staff members
>3. Do you feel this staffing level is appropriate?
>     ___ too high
>     ___ just right
>     ___ too low
>4. What is the ballpark aggregate exchange volume in megabits/second at 
>peak, for your AS, or for all of the ASses for which you are responsible?
>     ___ mb/s @ peak
>5. What is the primary location of the majority of your peering 
>department's staff members?
>     ___ USA
>     ___ North America other than USA
>     ___ Europe
>     ___ Central or Western Asia
>     ___ Eastern or Southeastern Asia
>     ___ Australia/NZ
>     ___ South America
>     ___ Africa
>6. Approximately how many private or public peers does your network 
>exchange traffic with?
>     ___ private peers
>     ___ public peers
>7. What percentage volume of your network's total exchange volume is 
>exchange via peering (as opposed to being exchanged via transit)?
>     ___% is exchanged via peering
>Again, thank you very much for your participation.
>--Dwight Ernest

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