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RE: Re: KPNQwest server.

  • From: Daniska Tomas
  • Date: Thu Jun 06 10:58:12 2002


let's suppose that usually provides the most appropriate environment for placing the dns servers and their co-infrastructure. taking it only technically, providing the connectivity for the ixp is a detail (to announce or not to announce). maybe the ixp could allocate a 'stub' subnet - separate from the transit subnet - and provide a voluntary mlpa to all the hosted isps. this would not break the isp policies on announcing the transit ixp subnet. all these are details.

i see a space for another topic in this thread - updating the dns infrastrucure a bit. to be more specific:
- would the ixp-located tld dns servers server only a small set of tld's each? if so, would it be region-based or agreement-based?
- would it be worth the effort starting a project similar to irr that would serve as a common source for dns configurations?

it'd be nice to hear your oppinions

Tomas Daniska
systems engineer
Tronet Computer Networks
Plynarenska 5, 829 75 Bratislava, Slovakia
tel: +421 2 58224111, fax: +421 2 58224199
A transistor protected by a fast-acting fuse will protect the fuse by blowing first.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Arnold Nipper [] 
> Sent: 6. júna 2002 16:29
> To: Daniska Tomas
> Cc: Nipper, Arnold;
> Subject: Re: Re: KPNQwest server.
> On Thu, Jun 06, 2002 at 04:13:08PM +0200, Daniska Tomas wrote:
> > how would you guarantee connectivity?
> > 
> as you have a lot of ISPs around you it should be really easy 
> to get some
> connectivity. Very easy: tell some friendly ISP to announce 
> your prefix/AS
> to outside.
> > should each isp present should provide bandwidth as part of 
> collocation expenses?
> What do you mean by this? If some ISP want to donate bw, 
> nice. If not also Ok.
> > should the opexes be included in the colo bill?
> Which colo bill? 
> > 
> > and then - this would probably make the colo becoming a 
> connectivity provider, wouldn't it?
> > 
> Not necessarily. This much depends on your IXP model. Let's 
> take DE-CIX. 
> There is an association running DE-CIX, but InterXion as colo 
> partner takes
> cae for a lot of things. If DE-CIX would offer 
> infrastructural services,
> InterXion still would remain a simple colo provider.
> Arnold
> -- 
> Arnold Nipper                                  Email:  
> DE-CIX, The German Internet Exchange           Mobile: +49 172 2650958

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