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Re: Re: KPNQwest server.

  • From: Måns Nilsson
  • Date: Thu Jun 06 10:50:34 2002

--On Thursday, June 06, 2002 10:16:34 -0400 Jared Mauch
<> wrote:

> 	While a good idea, not everyone can announce or reach the
> IX fabrics that they connect to or are out there.
> 	One solution to that problem is to have the IX operate a
> zeebra/gated/whatnot box (or router+machine combo) that
> announces a /24 and as part of connecting to the IX people
> are required to peer (and provide transit) for that /24 for
> the "good of the internet".
> 	This would allow everyone that connects to the IX to see
> the benifits of having a close (to their network that is) dns server
> as well as if my provider does not announce the DE-CIX, LINX, mae-e,
> mae-w, paix, nyiix, or whatever space to me, i can still reach a server
> placed at the IX via their network or via their peers/upstreams.

This is done in Sweden, by the exchange point company Netnod,
<>. They have an AS of their own, which is free to
peer with, in which a number of crucial services are located, for instance:

* Root DNS server
* COM/NET/ORG DNS server
* DNS for a number of ccTLDs including Sweden. 
* NTP masters directly synchronised to swedish standard time
* RIPE whois mirror. 

Some of these services are present at several Netnod IXen, notably ccTLD
and NTP. 

It works, and gives excellent service levels. 

Måns Nilsson            Systems Specialist
+46 70 681 7204         KTHNOC  MN1334-RIPE

We're sysadmins. To us, data is a protocol-overhead.

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