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Re: solutions to the Koran spam problem

  • From: Scott Francis
  • Date: Thu Apr 04 02:37:44 2002

On Wed, Apr 03, 2002 at 10:07:59PM -0500, said:
> I know it's indefensible in principle, but even though I have books in
> Korean translation, I get no real mail from Korea so the collateral
> damage is for me is imperceptible.  The rejection message includes a

It's not indefensible (I assume this policy applies to you personally, and is
not being applied to your customers). I arrived at the same conclusion some
time back, and just modified my procmail setup so that any mail originating
from .kr that hadn't already been caught by one of my list filters got sent
to /dev/null. No defense is really necessary - it's your mail, and you don't
have to accept anything from anybody you don't want to. And you certainly
don't have to justify it to anybody. (regardless of fumings from the pro-open
relay crowd out there ...)

> URL which explains why I don't receive mail from Korea, with an
> unblocked address to which one can write to get their network off the
> list.  Needless to say, nobody's written.  The list contains all APNIC

I like that feature; I'll have to incorporate it into my own setup. That
takes a bit of the B out of my (admittedly) BOFH setup. :)

> space assigned to Korea, plus any Korean ARIN space that's come to my
> attention due to getting spammed from it.

I like this too - filtering on IP as opposed to domains listed in mail
headers would be much more effective.

> If you'd like to experiment with a Korea-free mail system, you're
> welcome to use my blocking list called  I announced
> it on a few anti-spam lists last week and it's now getting about three
> hits per second.  You can't do zone transfers, it's running rbldns, not
> bind, but if you use it a lot, we can figure out a way for you to
> get your own copy of the data.

Since it's just for me personally, I probably will just look and learn. :)

> In case it's not obvious, I have nothing against Korea or Koreans
> except that their enthusiasm for wiring the country for Internet
> connections has so far severely outstripped their ability to manage
> what they've built.

Clue will eventually trickle there as well.

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GPG public key 0xCB33CCA7              illum oportet crescere me autem minui

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