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  • From: Sabri Berisha
  • Date: Sat Jul 21 18:38:18 2001

Hi all,

A couple of days ago I mentioned here that I have nullrouted the IP which resolves to. After that I received some mail in private
mentioning not only the fact that I filtered the wrong IP (that's fixt
now) but also the dangers of posting about such a thing here. "Hey, he
nullroutes them, let's do it too!".

My decision to nullroute was based on the following:

- the traceroute from my net to goes through AT&T which
means that any DoS packets originating from our network will affect that
network too;

- my customerbase is not that type that would visit
frequently nor would (if coming from that IP as a source)
be interested in any of my customers;

- most of the boxes in our network have a 100mbit/s nic in their box. Our
main uplink is a STM-1 at the moment so if a colocated NT box would be
compromised, that would give a huge effect. Imagine what would happen if 2
or three boxes are infected.

After careful consideration we (our engineering team and the CEO) decided
we would not want to be a part of any attacks against the US government or
any other network.

If you have any reasons to believe you need to blackhole
please do so, but don't blackhole just because others do it as well.

/* Sabri Berisha CCNA,BOFH,+iO        O.O        speaking for just myself
 * Join HAL!!: ____oOo_U_oOo____
 *  "We deliver quality services, we just can't get it on the internet"
 *   Anonymous sysadmin - on IRC                                       */

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