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RE: DDoS attacks

  • From: Roeland Meyer
  • Date: Thu Jul 12 11:43:31 2001

> From: []
> Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2001 7:23 AM

> I can't help but believe that if even 20% of them
> were caught and had to spend just a little time (even hours) with the
> cops, and had their peecees confiscated, you'd not be seeing 
> nearly the problems we are now.

This is the main point, a script-kiddie hunt, with prosecution, is the ONLY
real deterrent. Throw some of them in hotel greybar and remove them from
computing, for life, and we may see some of this turn around.

If a lady wears skimpy clothing, does she deserve to get raped? Obviously,
not. If a computer has skimpy protection, does it deserve to be turned into
a zombie? Simply because you forget to lock your car one night (whilst in
your driveway), do you deserve to have it stolen? If you leave a $100 on
your kitchen table, in your unlocked house, whilst you are working in your
garage, do I have the right to sneak in the back door and take it while
avoiding prosecution, on the grounds that you were careless? WRT EFFnet,
does a prostitute deserve to be raped?

There are certain reasonable presumptions, like safety, that our society
affords us. Script kiddies violate those as do the slime-bags that argue for
their good. How much of our budgets have gone to protecting ourselve from
those rodents? How much revenue has been lost because of their activity?
They are the rats of the Internet and bring disease with them whereever they
go. Their population is growing to plague proportions and they are getting
bolder. It's long past time to poison the lot of them, including their

Personally, I feel that the crud that writes and releases their code for
them should be lobotomized. Regardless of their disclaimers, they are NOT
doing a public good.

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