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Re: Open Peers at PAIX

  • From: Pete Ashdown
  • Date: Thu Jun 28 19:12:14 2001

* Richard A. Steenbergen ( [010628 13:24] writeth:

>> AboveNet        6461
>> Exodus          3967
>> Global Crossing    3549
>These are the only large service provider networks I see listed. AboveNet
>would probably peer with a bum on the street outside PAIX if he could
>speak BGP, but AFAIK GBLX's requirements were at least 3 locations and
>bi-costal at a minimium. If I remember correctly Exodus is also slightly
>picky about its "ghetto peers", probably falling somewhere the middle of
>the other two.

I was incorrect to list Global Crossing.  Again, the list I presented is
based on my experience.  I am just as willing to remove information as I am
to add or correct it.  Global Crossing has been removed.  My apologies for
any confusion this may have caused.

>The rest of the list seems to basically fall into the categories of other
>"tier 2" regionals (Hurricane Electric, Maxim, etc), content looking for a
>way to save money on their transit bill (Hotmail, EA, etc), Asian networks
>who have a circuit to the US but aren't willing to cross it and will take
>any peers they can get (SingTel, KDD, etc), and misc small networks with
>little overwhelming value.

It was neither a cheap nor an easy proposition for us to get our router
into PAIX.  In fact, its probably the most expensive bandwidth I run since
the DS3 is way under utilized. The main reason I did it was to reduce
network distance to major peers.  My only wish is that peering at all
exchanges was more open, as it increases their usefulness.  Finding another
peering point where I can get 20+ willing peers like PAIX is a struggle.

>Seems almost all the larger service providers are requiring at least
>bi-costal these days.

I may be able to extend our network into the east coast in 2002.  However,
as stated previously, peering requirements are a moving target.  Once I can
afford a DS3 to the east, I'm sure that I'll have to deal with new peering
requirements that are just as hard to overcome.

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